“Battle of the Southernisms” – The Winners

You voted. Here are the results:

Coming in third place with 16.3% of the favorite Southernism vote:




  1. Askew; awry


  1. Diagonally

Skyrocketing in popularity to second place with 25.6% of the vote comes:

Bless Your Heart


  1. An expression of genuine sympathy
  2. An insult that conveys condescension

Finally, our first place Southernism, winning by a landslide of 39.5%:

Fixin’ To


  1. To be planning to do something

And a big drumroll for our favorite, creative audience submissions:

“Busy as a one-armed paper hanger”

“I’m finer than frog hairs split four ways on a hot July mornin’”

“Let me hug your neck!”

Let us know what you think about these southernisms! Do you have any creative and descriptive Southern phrases that you use regularly? We want to hear from you!


    My mom would say ‘if they were selling elephant overcoats for a dime, I couldn’t afford spats for a canary,’ and she was ‘so mad I could chew nails and spit out tacks,’

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