Language Diversity Ambassadors Seek Relationships with Multilingual Communities at NC State and Beyond

LDA’s at NC State’s International Festival

The Language Diversity Ambassadors (LDA) of NC State University have made it their mission to promote awareness of linguistic diversity and linguistic discrimination on NC State’s Campus and in surrounding communities.

This dedicated group of linguistics students has been hosting workshops and educational events for community members since 2012; and with their booth at NC State’s International Festival, they are seeking to build relationships with multilingual communities at NC State and beyond.

The LDA engaged attendees of the International Festival by asking them to translate the phrase, “I Sound Like a Scholar,” into their own language. The phrase was translated into twenty-six languages, including Serbian, Galician, Korean, Thai, and so many more! Check out the translations on the poster below.

“I Sound Like a Scholar” Translated into 26 Languages

The LDA’s slogan, “I Sound Like a Scholar,” represents a significant part of their mission – that all students, no matter their dialect, are scholars. This slogan has been featured on tote bags, buttons, and t-shirts that the LDA offers at workshops and events, like Packapalooza. You can learn more about the slogan in this video featured on the Language and Life Project Youtube Channel.

If you’d like the LDA to host a workshop for you or your organization, you can follow this request link. Or, if you’re interested in connecting with the LDA or are interested in supporting their goal of connecting with local multilingual communities, you can send an email to

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